Samantha Grisdale

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SAMANTHAGRISDALE-STUDIOIn my studio…ideas are forged, forms are created, visions realized. Materials and ideas transformed. My process never ceases to feel like magic.

How did I get to making accessories?
Most likely from a lifetime surrounded by a creative and stylish family:
My mother who is an artist in every way.
My grandmother Marjorie Grisdale who was a buyer for Lord and Taylor in NYC in the 1960’s, 70‘s and 80’s; she dressed in simple, elegant silhouettes accented by great jewelry.
My sister in-law Anna Biggs who introduced me to the art of lost wax, inspired by her time living in Italy.
My background and education in fine art: graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design, my husband John Biggs also a fine artist and designer, aunts and uncles who are film directors and musicians.

But mostly from a personal desire to create bold and unique pieces through my love for great design using traditional jewelry making materials and then expanding my passions from there into the leather goods.

Do I make them myself?
Yes, I also work with leather sewers and a metal foundry here in Los Angeles, I have a hand in every piece I make.

Who do I imagine wearing my designs…..
Confident women and men who resonate with my designs.

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