Rami Kim is a Los Angeles based artist and maker whose practice is focused mainly on sculptural vessels and objects. With her background in animation, her work is whimsical and poetic. Her inspiration comes from organic shapes, nature, feelings, and people. She currently works out of her studio in Glendale, CA.


What is so special about making art NOW, in our hectic digital age?

For me, living in our hectic digital age (with high technologies, and everything changing so fast) it really makes me long for crafting, and making art by hand. Also, social media and internet play a big role and bring a great chance for artists to be discovered and promote themselves. Hopefully more and more great artists are discovered and able to sell their work to public.
Why is it important to you to show and share your work to larger community?
It is important to me to share my work to larger community because I am not just making my work for myself. Of course, I have to like my work first, but I’d want people to see them, or feel somewhat connected to them as I am. Also I think sharing your work will help you become a better artist.
What do you hope to share with those who purchase your art and bring it intimately into their lives?
-My first priority in making my art is that I have to like the design or how it looks first. I approach my art as an art object rather than just a dish to hold food. I like people finding interesting moments while using it, or looking at them. Or they can just stay home with you and make you happy.
Describe the path that led you to the work you do now. Did you take any big risks to get where you are?
Having a background in animation, specifically stop motion animation, I’ve worked and played around a lot with clay and I started making these little figurines out of sculpey for fun, and ended up having an army of them. That’s how I started doing what I do now, and I am happy for that. Of course, it is a hard work, but I feel strongly connected to clay and I feel like I have to keep working with hand. And I’ve always dreamed of becoming a full time artist, so why not do what you love to do?

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