Kosås Cosmetics


Kosås is not simply a beauty line; it is an artistic expression. Each small batch lip color is handmade with the utmost attention to detail and with delicate care. The colors are representative of emotions, places, and people. It may be the red flush you feel when connecting hands with your crush, or the bliss of a warm sea breeze. It may be the boldness you inherited from your mother, or the subtle blush of your favorite flower. Each product is intended to bring not only nourishment and color, but an experience to cherish. From the minimal and geometric design of the tube, to the buttery-smooth application, Kosås intends to provide that rich experience whether in the back of a taxi or at your vanity mirror. Each pigment is crafted to flatter any skin tone and enhance the natural features of your lips, for just as beauty is inherent in nature, so beauty is inherent within us.

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