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earth-tu-faceEarth Tu Face began with two herbalists, a garden, and focus on creating a purely plant-based 100% natural skincare line, edible and free of toxins or synthetic compounds. Nature is the inspiration and guiding force behind the line, specifically, looking at how ecosystems work, how solutions are created from what is available and the beauty and harmony happening there naturally. Win-win solutions are always available and through that lens the best beauty products are formed.

Sarah Buscho and Marina Storm were both born, raised and currently reside in the Bay Area, California. Both come from gardening families and have innate love for plants and nature. They met while studying clinical western herbalism during a three-year program in Berkeley.

Sarah and Marina were creating products for themselves, their clients and friends from medicinal plants grown in their herbal gardens. The line started both by accident and out of necessity– there was nothing on the beauty market that was truly pure, effective, “green” on all levels, and safe for all skin types. They found a lot of inspiration from Alice Waters in both the packaging (artwork) and also the idea of the food movement she pioneered at Chez Panisse. (She really brought farm to table, supporting your local farmer, and California begins to be taken seriously in the culinary world into the main stream). The idea was to start a beauty revolution, helping people (women, men, people of all ages) to see it matters what you put on your body just as much as what goes into your body.

A variety of Earth Tu Face’s ingredients are organically hand grown by Sarah & Marina. Each and every ingredient is selected for its sustainability, ethical production and healing benefits for the skin. The packaging is either recyclable or compostable. The goal is for the products to be green for the planet as well as the people who enjoy them.

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