ARTIST INTERVIEW: Fletcher Tucker of Gnome Life Records

Gnome Life is the creative and curatorial work of interdisciplinary artist Fletcher Tucker. Gnome Life creates limited and special edition analog musical artifacts. Vinyl records and cassette tapes that are crafted with so much intention that they move beyond the average realm of material objects and disposable media, to become treasured belongings, imbued with primordial magic. Based in Big Sur, California, Gnome Life emanates from a wild and majestic landscape, rich in human and non-human history, overflowing with physical and non-physical power, ripe with mystery.
Fletcher has brought his magical collection to the Echo Park Craft Fair for several seasons. We spoke to him about his creative journey.


Can you describe the path that led you to the work you do now?

I studied sculpture formally, and came to writing and recording music as sculptural process – sculpting internal landscapes with sound. Eventually my songs grew into an attempt to directly interpret and summon mystical perspectives and the many dynamic aspects of the wild. My sculptural studies/work evolved into immersive installations, with soundtracks, projections, sculpted environs, and narrative content. Today I seek to create a similarly total environment with every record or tape I release. Making the outside like the inside. Attempting to create artifacts that are visually and materially resonant with the music they contain.

How are you inspired by the environment around you? How does home/city/nature you live in affect your work?

I seek to serve the songs of my home-place, Big Sur. The music I write myself emerges directly from the land here. I am always asking myself what are the songs of fog, starlight, stony ridges? It also true that all of the records I produce and release on Gnome Life (regardless of the artist) are touched by my connection to my home and by the wild nature that surrounds me. Indeed it is my goal, and in fact my privilege, to disseminate the beauty and power of Big Sur throughout the world through all of my work and creations.


What do you hope to share with those who purchase your art and bring it intimately into their lives?

When someone listens to one of my records (or even holds it in their hands) I want them to feel nourished and renewed. I strive to facilitate a re-connection to the deeper mysteries, be they spiritual, emotional, creative, or intellectual. Through this reconnection I hope the listener can sense into the true fullness of their being.

Photos by Daniel Dent.

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