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about_1Based in Los Angeles, Kathryn Bentley’s aesthetic arises out of changing obsessions and visual research. Inspiration comes to Kathryn from past design movements, travel, artisans, flea markets, architecture, and textiles. Both her namesake line of fine jewelry and Dream Collective flourish from carefully selected materials and the hands that craft them.

A California based designer, Kathryn connects to the sense of ease, casual sophistication, and openness associated with her geography.

Kathryn is committed to sustainability and her collection is made locally. Her belief is that jewelry holds energy, drawing clients to this good energy has helped give Dream Collective the cult following it has today. Her clients find her jewelry beautiful, purposeful, and their own. They view Dream Collective as an addition to personal collections, future heirlooms to be shared and passed on.

Kathryn currently lives with her dog Dottie in the Montecito Heights neighborhood of Los Angeles. She has a large ceramic pot collection and frequently fosters stray dogs.


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