Beatrice Valenzuela

cactus-portraitShoe and jewelry designer Beatrice Valenzuela was born in Los Angeles, raised in Mexico City and lived all over the world before settling back in Los Angeles twelve years ago. Her eponymous line of handmade shoes for men, women and children takes its inspiration from the ancient traditional styles of Mexico, Morocco and the Native America Indians. “I think living in so many different places definitely affected my aesthetic,” explains the former stylist and mother of two. “I’ve always loved things that were made with natural fibers. I’m always looking at the craftsmanship, the way things are put together, the way they will last, and if they will age beautifully. I love to be able to see the hand that made the product.”

In 2013 Valenzuela opened her flagship store in Echo Park, carrying her shoes and jewelry as well as unique handcrafted objects made by artisans throughout Mexico. “There are so many crafts I respect and love from my culture, they’re dying because people aren’t buying them anymore. This is my small way of ensuring they continue. Buying from artisans, mostly women supporting their families by doing crafts which have been passed down generations, and then bringing them here, I get to support the crafts and it keeps growing small economies for the artists.”

Valenzuela’s shoes can be found at General Store, Dream Collective, Arts & Science, and Beatrice Valenzuela in Echo Park, CA. They’ve been featured in Elle, Angelino Magazine and Chalkboard. Along with Rachel Craven, Valenzuela co-founded and curates the bi-annual Echo Park Craft Fair.

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