Shiva Rose began her blog, The Local Rose in order to, as she explains, “get closer to the earth and all its beauty”. Eventually, while researching skin and beauty products for her blog, Rose found that so many products women consume, even some that claim to be all natural, contain harmful and toxic ingredients. She was ultimately inspired to create her own skin care line, Shiva Rose – that is 100% toxic free, and without any chemicals. All her products are made with loving intentions and in small batches to insure optimal integrity.

We spoke with Shiva about inspiration and creativity.


What is your background and how have your past experiences fed into your art? 
My beauty line was inspired by going back to nature and my Kundalini practice. Even as a young child I would be an alchemist mixing herbs, flowers and oils to try to create something pure and special. After years of curating stories for my life style web site The Local Rose, I was inspired to start selling a Rose Face Oil that I made for myself and friends to give nourishment and nutrients to the skin. The Rose Face Serum has now led me to create an all natural, non-toxic line that features body oils, bath salts, glow balms and a toner/mist. My Venus Amber Body oil a sensual, anti-aging, rich body oil scented by seductive amber and the Radiant Rose Water toner/mist which is a powerful way to moisturize and hydrate the face. My candle is in a toxic-free coconut based candle with rose, agar wood and vanilla. The body oils are all hand blended using unusual essential oils that benefit the skin and spirit. The glow balm and radiant rose water are recent additions that add luminous texture and are anti aging. Soon to come, a few more products that use ancient wisdom and powerful ingredients.


Do you feel that your environment feeds into work and if so, what makes your work distinctively Californian? 
My environment completely feeds my work. My line came to me after a Kundalini meditation and from connecting to the natural world in a deep way.  I feel California right now is fertile ground for artists and artisans that are creating things from a place of harmony and health. My studio is energized by crystals and I play mantras when i work and this infuses the products with a high vibrational frequency. I am very connected to the environment in which I work in and am inspired by.


What are your top 3 studio essentials? 
The top three essentials that I have in my studio are crystals, like Rose Quartz, Kundalini mantras that help cleanse and raise the energy, and roses from my garden. These things elevate the conditions and inspire me to create the line.


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