ARTIST INTERVIEW: Laurence and Brian of Les Aperizes

Laurence and Brian, the artists behind Les Aperizes, love to make things from scratch using natural ingredients that speak to them and summon that which cannot be found in their waking life.  Born in late 70s California and early 80s Paris, they hold degrees in Fashion Design from Studio Bercot, and in Romance Linguistics from the University of Washington in Seattle, and have studied photography at Brooks Institute.  They have photographed for Sub Pop, Geffen, Epic Records, and T magazine; designed for Ralph Lauren’s RRL, Levi’s Vintage Clothing, and Christophe Lemaire at Lacoste; played in New York experimental rock band Psychic Ills; and founded their own clothing label, which has sold internationally at stores such as Ikram, Isetan, Harvey Nichols, and Barney’s New York.  You can also find them every Sunday at the Hollywood Farmers’ Market, where they sell fresh chocolate and plant-based Californian delicacies handmade with organic sun-cooked vegan ingredients.  They will soon be launching a virtual mini-mart carrying all the items they enjoy making. For their first time at the Echo Park Craft Fair, Les Aperizes will be bringing fresh dark chocolate, handmade with organic sun-cooked and farm fresh ingredients. They will also showcase their textile line, featuring white shirts cut in organic 2-ply Swiss cotton, nature friendly floral silk printed blouses with matching medicine satchels and wallets, and their interpretation of the most versatile pants.

Describe the path that led you to the work you do now. Did you take any big risks to get where you are?
We love to make things that we cannot find and one thing often leads to another.  Strangely, maybe the big risk is always choosing quality. 
What is the first memory you have of encountering art or the artistic process?
A Verlaine poem.
My father practicing saxophone.


What are your artistic goals for the future? Next week, or next year, or 20 years from now?
To do the best work that we can.


What are your most important artistic tools?
(5 senses + imagination) x 2

Do you have a daily working routine? What is it like?
We cultivate what leads us to do the best work we can; always on a foundation of music, fresh fruit, and coconut water.


How does practicing your art or craft impact your life or way of thinking?
They feed each other for better or for worse and have taught us to trust our instincts more.  A similar mystery is at work when one plays with flavor profile, a chocolate texture, or adjusts a ruffle or buttonhole, as when two people become friends.

How do you believe your craft has the power to influence the world outside of the artistic community? Is art important in our current moment of conflict and upheaval?
We believe good craft creates good frequencies which begets good universal karma, so we try to be good.


What other artists currently working do you admire?
karma and The Congos


What do you hope to share with those who purchase your art and bring it intimately into their lives?
Something useful and a very good feeling.


Instagram: @lesaperizes

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