ARTIST INTERVIEW: Christina Soletti of Ergobaby

As the Senior Manager, Community at Ergobaby, Christina Soletti oversees social media, PR, content, influencer marketing and events. She has developed and works to maintain the brand voice, manages the content and works with closely with influencers to tell authentic and compelling stories. With a background in PR, reality TV and filmmaking, she believes in the power of storytelling and the importance of strong and meaningful relationships.

She is passionate about babies, babywearing, birth, yoga, natural living and healthy eats. When not online reading and writing about all of the above, she can be found spending time with her partner and daughter, creating their family story in their home of Los Angeles.
Describe the path that led you to the work you do now. Did you take any big risks to get where you are?
Ergobaby was founded by a single mom, sewing carriers out of her home. The popularity of Ergobaby and the spread of babywearing is due to the community of moms who supported that early product. Ergobaby’s growth was fostered completely from word of mouth. Mom-to-mom communication. It’s that love for the product and community that is still important today. It’s that community of parents who want to share their love of life with their child, that is still so special about Ergobaby. It’s the reason why I was drawn to the company in the first place. Almost every mom I ran into recommended an Ergobaby Carrier to me while I was pregnant. If motherhood is the ultimate sisterhood, babywearing is the ultimate community. I wanted to be a part of that and it still thrills me to see someone in the news wearing an Ergobaby. The Ergobaby community continues to be so vibrant and supportive.
I oversee Community, which for us includes social media, PR and events. My daughter was born in 2010 and my Organic Ergobaby was my go-to carrier for much of her life, until she was about 4 years old. I had taken about a year off work to spend with my daughter and was working freelance on writing projects when she was about 2 years old. I got a call from my writing partner who asked if I wanted to pitch a business with him. He thought I would be perfect for the brand, which needed some help with social media and blogging. I asked “what is the name of the company” He said, “Ergobaby. Maybe you’ve heard of them?” “Heard of them? I’m wearing my daughter on my back right now in an Ergobaby as I talk to you!” I started with Ergobaby soon after.
What do you do, or where do you go to seek fresh ideas or renewed creative energy?
Our community team consists of mamas who are passionate about babywearing and we pride ourselves on what we are able to accomplish together. We really aim to have a healthy work/ life balance and even if we are texting each other a midnight sometimes to get the job done, we are also committed to spending time with our families, friends, and our communities. Every single day we have the unique opportunity to come into work and hear from parents about how our products help them go on adventures, live the lives they dreamed as a family, or just get through the day a little easier. It feels good to be a part of something greater than ourselves which not only helps our local communities but also all of the organizations around the world we are able to support. Love really does carry on and we get to be inspired everyday by that very feeling.

Everyday on our social channels, we see incredible photos of moms, dads, grandparents, aunts and uncles, submitted by our amazing fans from all over the world. From the Wall of China to the farmers market and the waterfalls of Hawaii to the local pond, Ergobaby Carriers have been everywhere supporting parents and enabling them to go far, while staying close with baby. We are honored to support parents everywhere. Most photos you see on our social channels are real parents carrying on the love.
What do you hope to share with those who purchase your art and bring it intimately into their 
My favorite benefit of babywearing is having the proximity to attend to my daughter’s needs, while still maintaining my lifestyle. My daughter has been everywhere (and nursed too, while on the go…amazing!): across the country, across the city, to farmer’s markets, outdoor concerts (with ear protection of course!), red carpet premieres and daily walks in the neighborhood. We have been able to bond with her and experience life to it’s fullest with our family close together, all due to babywearing.

Our goal at Ergobaby is to help more people wear more babies. We are committed to helping parents wear their babies in a way that works best for their families. Babywearing is a wonderful choice not only for convenience, but to bond with baby and reap the benefits of babywearing for both baby and parent. We truly believe that happy babies are worn babies, and happy babies mean happy parents. There is so much research around how beneficial it is for both parents and babies to have them “close enough to kiss” and we really believe in using that research as a base for bringing babywearing into the mainstream. Keeping your babies close doesn’t just make happier parents a babies but also allows you to live the life you want to as a parent. From where we sit the world can always use more love.

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