Thank you to Mulholland Distilling!

We are thrilled to partner with Mulholland Distilling to bring you amazing, made-in-LA cocktails at the Holiday Fair! The Pharmacie Bar with Mulholland cocktails is located in between Stage 1 and 2. Drink tickets can be purchased at the door or near the bar.

Mulholland Distilling is the creation of Matthew Alper & Walton Goggins, offering a portfolio of premium quality American whiskey, new world gin and 100% corn vodka. It was created to engage the rich and vibrant culture of Los Angeles.



Built on their belief that Los Angeles is a great city of the world, Mulholland Distilling set out to  createe Los Angeles’ first iconic spirits brand. They know their city inside and out – a place where the focus isn’t just on function, but form. Los Angeles is at the forefront of the most dynamic movements drink, food, film, art and design that serve as the foundation of trends all over the world.



Their namesake, William Mulholland, was a visionary who expanded the boundaries and possibilities of Los Angeles and created a new kind of city. Mulholland Distilling intends to pay tribute to Mulholland’s vision by inspiring others to create, play and explore our past and our future.

Located in the flourishing Arts District of Downtown Los Angeles, Mulholland Distilling is at the center of a vibrant cultural renaissance. With their open-to-all tasting space, Mulholland is about embracing old friends and creating new ones!


Instagram: @mulhollanddistilling

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