STUDIO VISIT + SHOP THE LOOK: Kristen Caissie of Moon Canyon

Company: Moon Canyon

Artist: Kristen Caissie


You probably know Kristen Caissie’s work from her gorgeous wreaths featured each season at the EPCF. A seven year veteran of the Fair, Moon Canyon is an essential element, and we love getting inspired by their exquisite blooms. We had the opportunity to visit Kristen in her studio, surrounded by the flowers that she loves. Follow the links at the bottom to shop her look.

Moon Canyon’s primary focus is working collaboratively with their clients, crafting floral works that enhance private spaces, elevate public events and express a wide variety of emotions.

Guided by their Creative Director, Kristen Caissie, they oversee everything from initial concept to selection of flowers, to the final details of arrangements, design and delivery. Their goal is, always, to listen closely and from there – explore, imagine and manifest.

For them, working with flowers is much more than merely creating a stunning centerpiece or dreaming up a delicate bouquet. Instead, they tell stories with their work, and with every client there is the opportunity to embark on a fresh adventure – to create mood and craft a tale, celebrate beauty and embrace the senses.


Kristen Caissie creative director Moon Canyon



How long have you been participating in the Echo Park Craft Fair? Have you noticed any changes over the time you have been visiting or selling at the fair?

I’ve been participating in the EPCF for seven years I believe. Our first fair was Mother’s Day and it was held in Rachel’s backyard in Echo Park. So, obviously, I’ve seen huge changes in the size of the fair and the growth of the community. In some ways that’s the only major change. The community involvement and focus on bringing talented artists together remains the same.


Moon Canyon studio

Moon Canyon flowers

What does it mean to you to be part of the Echo Park Craft Fair?

I love being a part of the Craft Fair community because it allows me to get out of my work studio and be around not only fellow artists but also tons of people who normally I do not have access to on a normal basis. Usually, I’m tucked away in my flower studio or traveling with event work that I never get the chance to just chat flowers with people in my community.


Kristen Caissie of Moon Canyon

Has EPCF been important to your creative and business growth?

100%. One of the benefits of the craft fair is that it brings so many beautiful artists and wares under one roof. Getting to see all these pieces together is so inspiring. Walking the rows of booths is a million times better than scrolling through Instagram for inspiration. It’s real life. You can touch all these wares and really see the love and work that goes into all the pieces. This type of inspiration cannot be found many places. I take this inspiration and pour it into my own creativity and, from that, my business benefits.


Moon Canyon florals

wall of planters



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