Revive Kombucha, our Sponsor

A huge thank you to our sponsor Revive Kombucha for bringing delicious kombucha to the spring fair! Revive Kombucha is a family-owned craft kombucha brewery, launched at a Farmer’s Market in Sonoma County, California in 2010. Their mission has always been to produce the best-tasting kombucha you’ve ever had, using the highest quality ingredients and most advanced and innovative craft brewing techniques out there.

They develop our their recipes, techniques and cultures to create uniquely delicious and flavor-forward brews. They’re all about brewing kombucha with a culture of heart and fun, and taking care of the earth and their community in the process.

You can find Revive Kombucha at the bar over the weekend of the Spring Fair, and outside on Effie Street.



Instagram: @revivekombucha

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