Win a Milkit pre-packed labor bag this Mother’s Day!

We are delighted to welcome Milkit to the spring fair, whose conscientious and beautifully-designed bags show an appreciation of mothers, by mothers. Visit their table on Effie Street this Mother’s Day to enter to win one of their pre-packed labor bags.

Milkit was born out of the necessity for a beautifully designed, pre-packed labor bag whose contents are functional, beautiful, ecologically friendly, and inherently covetable.

• Functional – All the things you need, and none of the things you don’t. Skincare, clothing, and edible necessities essential to postpartum wellness, housed in a sleek, custom-designed tote.

• Minimalist – You shouldn’t have to choose between functionality and aesthetics. Milkit’s tailor-made hospital-meets-diaper bag and robe are basic yet elegant, ready to wrap you up and take you from the delivery room to wherever motherhood takes you next.

• Responsible – Every single item in our totes is handpicked from a collection of conscientious manufacturers right here in the USA. Ethically-sourced snacks, clothing, and self-care supplies.


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