FEATURED ARTIST: My Thai and Lilly Cabral of Calivolve

Company: Calivolve

Artists: Lilly Cabral and My Thai

Calivolve was launched by entrepreneurs, Lilly Cabral and My Thai. These ladies are unusually refined weed enthusiasts. With a rich friendship, and a long history in finance, they decided to follow their passion for design and taste, and dive into the luxury cannabis marketplace to create beautiful and inspiring products that embrace all of the health and well-being cannabinoids have to offer.

My Thai and Lilly Cabral are friends and business partners who have more than a lot in common. Both are first generation Americans, and both made a name for themselves in the finance world as they became known for their tenacity and dedication. They are both super-involved moms raising young families, whether that’s spending time on the board of their children’s schools or shuttling them to volleyball and soccer practices. And they both have an appreciation for the finer things in life, from delicious chocolate to craft cannabis – both of which are essential to their healthy lifestyles.



With all of the benefits of cannabis – from social and recreational use, to health and wellness – they wondered how they could help cannabis become as socially acceptable as a glass of wine. They found themselves looking for a way that they could fill this need for people like them who love cannabis and crave an artfully curated culinary experience. When California voted to legalize cannabis in 2016, My and Lilly decided to combine their business acumen with their love of food culture and enter the nascent cannabis market. In 2017, they leapt at the business opportunity and thus Calivolve was born – two friends setting out on a quest to build a business and create something special for their customers – all built around the idea that life should be delicious.


Website: calivolve.com

Instagram: @calivolve

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