ARTIST INTERVIEW: Julie Hung of Jujumade

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Julie Hung started jujumade as a blog in 2011 as a way of keeping track of everything inspirational and creative. After graduating from Art Center College of Design and working full time as an industrial designer, Hung started the jujumade line, with the motivation to create something unexpected, playful, yet completely wearable. The collection ranges from bags, bangles, necklaces, earrings, and hats. We spoke to Hung about her inspirations.


What is your background and how have your past experiences fed into your art? 
I graduated from Art Center College of Design, and worked several years as a industrial designer. Having an industrial design background gave me great insight into how things are made. I use to travel overseas to visit factories and to work out production/design complications. I focus and design in components: how things come together and how people will use it. I wanted to make my products wearable but still fun, unexpected, and playful – that is where the ceramics come in. Each ceramic piece serves not only as a design element, but also as a functional piece. Each of the pieces ideally have a purpose.


Do you feel that your environment feeds into work and if so, what makes your work distinctively Californian? 
Definitely! Los Angeles has such a diverse culture, with a large art and design community. Even though LA is a large urban sprawl, what makes it special to me is the easy access to different activities, foods, and events. I love exploring the beaches, the mountains and collecting random things that I find out in nature, I think that definitely inspires me and allows me to come up with my shapes and forms.


What are your top 3 studio essentials? 
Other than working with clay and leather almost everyday…
Candy (sour patch kids extreme)
double sided tape (solves all problems)


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