EPCF is Going Green with Repurpose Compostables

We are delighted to announce that Repurpose Compostables is returning this season as a sponsor of the Holiday Fair! As anyone who runs or attends a large event knows, they can generate a lot of waste. At the Echo Park Craft Fair, we are dedicated to keeping our environmental impact as low as possible. We will be using Repurpose compostable cups and plates, which can be disposed of in compost bins around the event, and will ultimately be composted by Repurpose.

Repurpose is committed to sustainability as a way of life – a commitment to the future of the planet. By creating compostable plant-based products, they offer an option to avoid using disposable plastics that will degrade our environment and affect human health far into the future.

We are privileged to partner with Repurpose to help make the Echo Park Craft Fair more sustainable!



Website: www.repurposecompostables.com

Instagram: @repurpose




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