ARTIST PROFILE: The Spare Room Off-Site

The Spare Room Off-Site is a cocktail catering company inspired by the brick and mortar, The Spare Room at the Roosevelt Hotel. While the original Spare Room has long been known for serving up some of the best craft cocktails in town (and its on-location bowling lanes), the Off-Site brings their sophisticated concoctions to any social gathering. Whether making the classics or creating innovative cocktails, The Spare Room Off-Site always comes equipped with house made syrups, hand squeezed juices and market fresh garnishes.

The Echo Park Craft Fair will feature The Spare Room Off-Site cocktail lounge on May 7&8 where fair visitors can sit enjoy a drink, or take it with them while they browse indoors and out! Spare Room Owners Med Abrous and Marc Rose and their team recently introduced the Echo Park restaurant Winsome, which can be found outside on Effie Street at the Spring Fair.

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