ARTIST INTERVIEW: Yuka Izutsu of Atelier Delphine

Yuka Izutsu is the founder and designer of Atelier Delphine. Born in Japan, she came to the US at 23. She studied art at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, and started the line in 2011. Atelier Delphine garments are carried across the US and Asia, and are known for their cozy elegance and crafted modern appeal. We spoke with Yuka about what inspires her.



What are your most important artistic tools?
It’s not a tool, but I travel a lot to source materials and get inspiration, and even making some locals all over the world. I travel frequently back and forth to source fabrics in Japan, and weave with them. I travel a lot to Peru, and even worked with indigenous groups of tribes to travel by alpaca, in very high altitude in Andes mountains. I learn a lot through travels – like how the products should be made, and I am not doing this for commercialism. I just like to learn and wear them.


How is your work inspired by or influenced by nature and your surroundings?
I think it’s just based on my everyday life and annual life that we typically repeat in fashion industry. We go to the show to meet a lot of stylish people from around the world, talk to them, and learn a lot about what they think about fashion. Especially in Paris, I am having a great time learning how fashion week goes, everybody is so stylish! Also, I try combining those experiences in some way with my sourcing / inspiration trips to Peru, India etc etc. This time I will be probably going to Patagonia!



Do you see your work as part of an artistic tradition? Where does your work depart from artistic tradition and move into new territory?
I am an immigrant, moved here when I was 23. No family or friends when I moved! It was extremely lonely and hard but it was good to be alone with no same people. Japan is a special country and I love it, but I did not feel that global and universal when I moved, because 99% population is Japanese. Here, there are many people in different backgrounds, which makes me think of clothing more diverse, and gives me more questions to think deeper in concept. I think those will be a new type of clothing – I don’t know how new and what kind of new but I feel like there is something new here.



What is a new idea you have been working with recently?
I make some parts in Peru and bring it to clothing I make here and in Japan. Combining those 2 countries in 1 clothing!


Did you have any important creative influences?
Definitely my husband – We work a lot in so many ways! He is mainly a photographer for interior / architecture, and artist studios. So, more like artistic side, not really a fashion but I think it’s a good combination with my brand.



What do you do. or where doe go to seek fresh ideas or renewed creative energy?
Travels. Plus going to galleries and museums almost every week. Plus, Brand library in Glendale.

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