ARTIST INTERVIEW: Sophie Assa of Roseview

Roseview is a line of essential oil blends which have been carefully crafted to support people within their daily life; to reach for something simple, practical and effective. Carry with you or leave it at home, the idea is to have an easy therapeutic solution for the mind, body and soul. Creator Sophie Assa was born in London, into a family of music and fashion. Living between a cosmopolitan city and a surfers’ paradise (Malibu), she lived a busy lifestyle but quietly stayed in tune with her holistic upbringing. After years of working in fashion, she felt a calling to get back in touch with nature. Surrounded by California’s beauty she is inspired to share her journey on how to raise a family or care for oneself in a holistic manner using natural remedies and essential oil education. 

Roseview will be found in Stage 2 at the Spring Echo Park Craft Fair. We spoke with Sophie about her creative journey and what motivates her to create amazing essential oil remedies.



Describe the path that led you to the work you do now.

When I was seven my mother was diagnosed with a brain tumor, which unfortunately we are still currently tackling 28 years later. Spirituality and alternative medicine has played an enormous role in our lives while my mother has also undergone numerous conventional treatments. At 65 she is a force to be reckoned with; so much strength, beauty and positivity really influenced me to recognize what us women are capable of. Being she was a single mother, I have been on this journey for quite some time. The moment I became a mother myself, my perspective on life shifted, career goals took a turn to reflect inward, a deep need to be surrounded by nature came and a desire to help others in some way to feel better surfaced. I juggled trying to raise a new baby with a demanding career still in fashion, whilst caring for my mother and being a present wife. I finally found myself pulling away and digging deeper into my holistic upbringing, feeling much more supported and happier the further this direction I went. So finally I surrendered to it and began my journey, which surfaced as a blog on gentle guidance to natural living and creating a line of therapeutic essential oil blends.



What would you say is the driving force behind your creative work?

Nature. I was raised to be aware, to listen to my body and honor it. If we give our bodies the opportunity to do what it knows best, we will thrive. If we can trust that nature has it’s roots, it’s leaves, it’s flowers and it’s fruits offering us healing opportunities.  Alternative means surround us, empower us and heal us. My blends are created to aid people in their daily lives, to offer support through stress relief, sleep promotion, memory retention and to change their energy into a more positive experience. If I can help one person feel better about their day, I am content.



How do you find balance between practicality and beauty in your creations?

Each blend holds space for beauty, because each oil is derived from a plant. That plant has been blessed by the sun, the moon, the earth and the air to give it life. Just as the plant has been enriched by mother nature so can we by using them correctly. However, one does not necessarily have the time or knowledge to go harvest and distill essential oils for personal use. So practicality for me comes in the form of pre-made blends, so that everyone has the ability to use essential oils. To be stored and diluted in ready to go easy bottles. Leave them at home or take them with you the idea is for it to be simple and practical while serving a purpose in your day.



What is your favorite creation of your own?

Currently I am 6 months pregnant so I have had to separate myself from my oils a little bit as some essential oils can be unsafe during pregnancy. This has been quite a challenge for me as I depend upon them greatly. Prior to conception I was using FOCUS blend with a force. After two weeks of consistent use I found my memory retention to be on point, my motivation spiked, energy levels flowed and sleep issues from late night computer screen alleviated. I swear by this any time I reach for a book or watch a documentary as it helps me recall and retain the information. I also have to say I adore the aroma of UPLIFT, I don’t wear perfume so this for me is like a positive note I can wear all day long.



Do you think community is important to creativity?

I have never felt so much community as in the past few years. It is like a movement. I am surrounded by so many women who inspire me; I feel so blessed to know them. My community is mainly made of up mama’s but to watch us all independently take steps into our own small businesses has been an incredible journey to be apart of. We are all there for each other, to support and help grow while we delicately try to find a balance between work and family, sometimes not as gracefully as we’d like.



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