ARTIST INTERVIEW: Lishawn Lalonde of Uliv Skincare

Company: Uliv Skincare

Artist: Lishawn Lalonde


Uliv Skincare is a line of organic, plant-based products designed to correct and balance aging and inflammation of the skin, rooted in the powerful natural medicines in turmeric and ginger. Uliv founder Lishawn Lalonde hopes that by recognizing the importance of choosing plant-based ingredients, her customers will develop a respectful relationship with their skin and the world around them. She seeks to live with intention, honor and love, and expresses that with her creations, Uliv’s product line. We spoke to founder Lishawn about her creative journey.



Describe the path that led you to the work you do now.
The path that lead me to my work right now is my own healing journey of struggling with an autoimmune disease & my work as an esthetician. I drank an elixir I made with organic turmeric & ginger and it helped so much with inflammation I thought I wonder how this would work on my skin? Thru a process of many baby steps I ended up creating Uliv skincare.


My first product I created is our golden glow facial souffle’ made from ingredients I used from an anti-inflammatory elixir I made, it’s like putting golden milk on your skin.I found that it  does target inflammation on the skin skin just as well as internally & has many other benefits for the skin as well for aging & leaves a beautiful glow to the skin.


Here’s my Golden Milk Latte anti-inflammatory elixir recipe:
1- half inch knob fresh turmeric root
1- half inch knob fresh ginger
1 – teaspoon Manuka honey
8 oz. coconut or almond milk
1- teaspoon vanilla ghee
pinch of black pepper
dash of cinnamon
blend, heat & drink …enjoy


What would you say is the driving force behind your creative work?
My driving force behind my creative work is to help bring good health to your skin by using live active organic plant based ingredients & bring awareness of being intentional of what you put in & on your body & care about how Uliv.



How do you find a balance between practicality and beauty in your creations?

The way I find balance between practicality & beauty in my products are quite a dance! I try to find the best locally sourced ingredients available & most things are seasonal ! so learning whats gonna be available & being flexible. We resource our olive oil from a family owned sustainable farm in Temecula & have them send the highest in antioxidant oil in that season for each batch of our oil cleanser! There’s beauty in each season…



How do you define success in your art or craft, or alternately, what does failure mean to you?
I love hearing testimonies of how there acne is clearing or redness & puffiness is gone ! Or there skin hasn’t looked this youthful & glowing in years! I guess I define success with the success of how my products effect & respond to peoples skin & I take great joy in creating them!!




Instagram: @ulivskincare

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