ARTIST INTERVIEW: Lesli Wood of La Curie Artisan Perfume

Company: LA CURIE Artisan Perfume

Artist: Lesli Wood


LA CURIE is an award winning niche unisex fragrance line made by Lesli Wood in Tucson, Arizona, established in 2013 for those searching for an uncommon scent. Lesli has released one fragrance per year and recently introduced scented artifacts ‘Candles’ and limited edition oils. Over the years, La Curie has gained a cult following by word of mouth, and their appearance at the Holiday Echo Park Craft Fair will be the first pop up out of Tucson. Lesli is self taught and the winner of the Art & Olfaction Artisan perfume award for 2016 for the scent Incendo.

Her scents work on an emotional level as fragrances rooted in history, with an edge of spirituality. Wearing her fragrances can be an act of adornment and protection. The names of each scent are a complex cast of meaningful items: be it mythologies, emotions, or make believe places in her imagination. Each of her fragrances translates differently on the skin, working with a combination of pheromones, chemistry, and scents that emanate from each person who wears her fragrances.



Do you have a daily working routine? Can you describe it?

My routine always starts with a strong short espresso with cream. Then I usually check emails and fulfill orders, and then I can move onto either bottling or mixing. That’s when the soundtrack for the day gets chosen. I have different music needs for different things. When I’m bottling I like something upbeat but mixing and composing new scents needs something ethereal and without lyrics so I can really zone out.



Do you have a favorite creation, artwork, or design of your own? 

Out of my scents, the only ones I personally wear are Ossuary and Odyssey. Ossuary is themed on the European catacombs of bones, and Odyssey is themed on outer space and the 2001 space module. Lately, I’ve been spraying a little Ossuary on my bed pillows and I might have a habit I can’t break now. It smells like an old church and incense.


What are your most important artistic tools? 

Pipettes, coffee, samples of ingredients from all over the world, graph paper and pencils and laboratory filter papers made by … no joke ‘Lab Nerd’. My work studio is filled with natural history specimens that have been collected over the years and I do sniff them occasionally for inspiration. The collection includes anything and everything from dried flowers, bones, crystals, horns, fur, dried pods and seeds. I recently started taking still life photo’s of them (without perfume bottles in them). Some of them are making appearances on my Instagram feed.



What is a new idea you have been working with recently?

I’m excited about a new little capsule line that will be a collection of five scents based on the classical elements of Aristotle conceptualized by the image of a burning log. The log releases all four elements (air, water, fire, earth) as it is destroyed which leads to aether as the fifth element. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a while now and finally getting to it and hoping for them to be available early next year.




Instagram: @la_curie

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