ARTIST INTERVIEW: Krista Fox of Town Clothes

Town Clothes is a Los Angeles based women’s clothing line focused on long lasting minimal design by Krista Fox. Krista is influenced by her native state of California on all counts; the music, landscape, way of life, and her peers all lend to her creative process. She holds California near and dear to her and wishes to expand and educate herself and consumers about the importance of the slow fashion movement via Town Clothes. We spoke to Krista about her creative journey.
Describe the path that led you to the work you do now. Did you take any big risks to get where you are?
Growing up I always wanted to work in fashion, as a designer. I went to school for fashion design and finally found my voice once I started taking painting and textile courses. After college, I worked in high end retail for years where I learned so much about construction, good design and well made clothing made to last lifetimes. I knew retail wasn’t my path and I started feeling very stuck because I kept getting new job offers at great retail establishments and I kept taking them. Finally, one day I took the leap. I talked to my boyfriend (now husband) and told him I need to make a change, and it’s going to be difficult financially but I have to do this. I’m very lucky because he was able to help me kind of drop everything and pursue Town. I do still have my day job and am so fortunate because my boss is so supportive, it’s insane.
Town was started as a lesson to myself. How hard am I willing to work to achieve my lifelong dreams/goals/ambitions?
Where do you see your work going in the next couple of years?
I’m really interested in working with US organic cotton and wool farmers and finding more sustainable silks. I also want to expand my knowledge of natural dyeing and start incorporating my own prints. My focus will also be in perfecting the quality of my clothing and selling to boutiques that I can build strong relationships with.
What are your most important artistic tools?
My sketchbook, my dye pots, my clear 18” ruler.
Did you have any mentors or important creative influences?
There are so many inspiring people in my life, I feel so blessed. But I would say the two people that have had the biggest influence on my life in regards to my creative process, work ethic and my overall knowledge of art and design would be Ben and Chris Ospital of (MAC) Modern Appealing Clothing. They are brother and sister and are two of the hardest working, most hilarious, most intuitive and talented buyers. Their store was opened in 1980 in San Francisco with their mother, Jeri Ospital. They pioneered alternative fashion and were the first US store to carry any of the Belgian Six, they are the real deal. I can’t even talk about them because I would never shut up, there’s too many good things to say.

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