ARTIST INTERVIEW: Keiko and Tsugu of Studio Cue LA

Studio Cue LA is a peaceful daytime retreat located in Topanga, California. The space is outfitted with photography and functional art by Tsugu Wada, who also manages Studio Cue and GOLDA. Studio Cue LA was envisioned by Keiko Matsuo, who has been a Japanese holistic qi therapist for over 30 years. Keiko and Tsugu will be new artists at the Echo Park Craft Fair on May 13 and 14, bringing their line of lovely hand-crafted products, and we spoke to them about their creative process.

Do you have a daily working routine? What is it like?
I go to meet clients to heal them both physically and spiritually.

How does practicing your art or craft impact your life or way of thinking?
It has expanded my mind, lead me to better understand the way of thinking, and bring even more happiness to my life.

How do you believe your craft has the power to influence the world outside of the artistic community? Is art important in our current moment of conflict and upheaval?
I believe our GOLDA products will bring health (physically and spiritually) to the people.

Instagram: @golda_life

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