ARTIST INTERVIEW: Jules Blaine Davis

Jules Blaine Davis is a mother, an artist and a kitchen healer. You might call her a hearth healer, a heart healer, a body story healer or a food story healer — all of these words are the same. Jules inspires us to awaken our hunger, to lean in to our body story, to make room for how we long to live inside a rhythm, values & ritual that align with who we are and who we want to be. Jules has nourished hundreds of women around a table or a wood board for over a decade. Her powerful healing work is a movement to turn on the fire, to tend to our need for beauty, permission and ease inside our everyday lives. She works with with women, couples and families in person and virtually all over the globe. She recently gave a TED talk at the TEDXWOMEN event in Los Angeles. Jules lives with her family in South Pasadena, California.
Describe the path that led you to the work you do now. Did you take any big risks to get where you are?
The path that led me and continues to lead me to this work is the forever journey of feeling what it is to BE and to live in my BODY. The beginning was my heart beating in my mother’s body. The stories in her body became some of my stories as they do. Then I came into the world, HUNGRY! I danced, studied Martha Graham, African, hip hop…. I wrote lots of poems and expressed myself on stage as much as I could…. I love all expression. I knew it had something to teach me. I was vulnerable and ready and open and hungry. Then I found out you can buy canvas and paints at the art store. So I did that for a long time and haven’t stopped. For a moment I went to premed graduate school at Columbia. This was not aligned with how I long to understand the world. This being human thing is deep and wide and vast and rooted in so much wisdom. Then I experienced a heart beating in my body along with my heart. I became a mother. I gathered and fed women at my home, listening to their stories, their hunger, their bodies, their longing. everything is a risk. I believe in women. I believe in our bodies. I believe in our hunger.
What do you do, or where do you go to seek fresh ideas or renewed creative energy?
I go to the kitchen and turn on the fire. The fire cleanses whatever is happening and it also warms me and my home, which is my bigger body. The fire warms the fear, anxiety, craziness that might be happening too. It supports me to feed myself and others. It helps heal & hold a rhythm I long for inside the day to day. I put on a pot of tea, make a soup or warm a tortilla. Whatever it takes. Cutting food up on a wood board love can also do this. The beauty inside the food, cutting up a persimmon, a white peach or a chiogga beet and the grounded-ness of the wood — all of this is a creative act that heals in the moment. This also helps me create space. It helps me slow down even in the rush of it all. I can begin to remember who I am and what I hunger for inside the slow down, inside the fire, inside the warmth. Beauty is a teacher and healer — and she is everywhere.
What do you hope to share with those who purchase your art and bring it intimately into their lives?
My intention is to inspire & support us with freedom inside how we nourish our lives. To bring our mind HOME to our BODY. To hold a safe space to lean in to our body stories, to allow ease and permission so we can feel our hunger. All of our hunger. Wood board love is a simple concept of food all the time. It is fun, easy and full with love. It is about our deep need for beauty and making room to unravel the wisdom that is right here inside our BODIES. This is the beginning of a deep and powerful conversation inside how we create home, how we nourish our lives, our family and what it feels like to be deeply fed. I hope to share this movement and this intention with everyone that comes by!

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