ARTIST INTERVIEW: Jen Zmrhal & Christina Contento Brix of Storied Goods

Company: Storied Goods

Artist: Jen Zmrhal and Christina Contento Brix


We (and our kids!) love what Jen and Christina are doing for children’s wardrobes, and the environment, with their vintage collection. Catch them for the first time at the EPCF this May.

Christina and Jen are mothers, creative souls, Los Angeles transplants, fashion industry veterans and vintage mavens. STORIED was born over a cup of coffee and a shared passion for dressing our children more thoughtfully. Tapping into their love for vintage and desire to shop more sustainably, they wanted to find a way to offer a collection of mom-approved hand-me-downs that was equally accessible, affordable and good looking.

STORIED’s vintage collections are happily sourced in Los Angeles and carefully curated to bring only the good stuff. They scour the isles and piles so you don’t have to. The pieces are practical, long-lasting and made for play. They’re timeless and classic, yet still modern. Memories of childhood are already woven into the fibers. They can’t wait for your little ones to add their story.


vintage jean

How long have you been participating in the Echo Park Craft Fair?

This is the first time we will be selling at the Echo Park Craft Fair but we’ve been loyal visitors for years!


Have you noticed any changes over the time you have been visiting the Fair?

We’ve been coming to the Craft Fair ever since it was in a backyard in Echo Park and have noticed how it has blossomed into a movement that attracts people from all over LA and even the country! It’s obviously gotten more popular over the years, but it has also inspired people to start small businesses – knowing there is a community of likeminded creatives who have paved the path before them.


How does being a part of the EPCF community inspire you?

The EPCF community is so special – led by women building up other women, it’s all about collaboration and support. There’s something so genuine about each of the makers that we’re honored to be a part of. The community pushes us to be creative, to think outside the box, and to follow our intuition as businesswomen and mothers.


vintage overalls

The ethics of production are on our minds a lot recently – questions of sustainability, fair labor, location, and artistic integrity. How do these concepts come in to play in your craft and your business? What choices do you make that take into account these ideas?

Storied was born as a response to fast fashion and the traditional practices of clothing production around the world. The rise of fast fashion has reduced the lifecycle of a piece of clothing and pushed the industry to cut unnecessary corners like using toxic chemicals to speed up production or paying below a living wage to the workers who make them. Currently 85% of all new clothes will end up in a landfill. Our goal is to save some of those pieces and give them new life!

Part of the sustainability of buying secondhand clothes is that as a consumer, you aren’t contributing to the environmental hazards of creating a new piece of clothing. You help to save the 2,000 gallons of water that it takes to make a pair of jeans by simply buying a vintage pair of Levis.

All of our pieces are sourced locally in Los Angeles and are carefully selected for quality (and cuteness!). The vintage pieces that are in our collection are made from quality fabrics and are from an era where manufacturing was more of a craft – many were even made in the USA!


vintage denim shorts

kids in vintage overalls

What impact do you hope your creative work will have on your community?

We would love to inspire the community to add more vintage and pre-loved clothes into their closets to sit alongside quality new pieces.


kids vintage overalls


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