ARTIST INTERVIEW: Heather Taylor of Heather Taylor Home

Heather Taylor is Los Angeles’s biggest fan. Born and raised in LA, Heather was lured back to her hometown after a short stint in New York City. Upon her return, she committed to contributing to the cultural fiber of LA by creating beautiful experiences and engaging with all the city has to offer. As owner and operator of contemporary art gallery Taylor De Cordoba from 2006-2013, Heather developed emerging artists and helped her clients start and grow their private collections. In 2008, she founded L.A. in Bloom where she highlights the best sights, fashion trends and tastes of the city she loves.

In 2013, Heather launched her collection of home goods and textiles, Heather Taylor Home. Informed by her childhood love of knitting and weaving, and inspired by her love of travel and eclectic entertaining style, the HTH collection is stocked at premier retailers including John Derian, Nickey Kehoe, Jenni Kayne and Clare Vivier. Her collections – ranging from tea towels and table linens to scarves and baby blankets – are designed in Taylor’s Los Angeles studio and hand-woven in Chiapas, Mexico.



In Summer 2016, she launched Heather Taylor Home Events (HTH Events). Her longtime love of entertaining convinced Heather of the need to create HTH Events in order to bring the ease and beauty of hosting events directly to her customers. From casual al fresco dinners to large-scale weddings, the collection of handmade, vibrant and textured linens are available for rent and compliment everything from the most formal china to rustic pottery.

Heather and Heather Taylor Home have been featured in publications including Vogue, The New York Times, Lucky, Domino and Martha Stewart Weddings, to name a few. She lives in West Hollywood with her husband and daughter.
Describe the path that led you to the work you do now. Did you take any big risks to get where you are?
I’ve been knitting and weaving for years and have long appreciated handmade textiles. I also love entertaining and setting a beautiful table, but I couldn’t find linens I loved without traveling to some far-flung locale. This was my original motivation for launching HTH. The first inkling of inspiration for the line came while eating breakfast in Greece in 2006. The table was covered in a white crocheted lace tablecloth, which felt like the perfect mix of elegance and ease.
Where do you see your work going in the next couple of years?
This past summer I launched a new leg of my business HTH Events and we have big plans for growth. When I was planning my own wedding five years ago, I couldn’t find rental linens that fit my needs. I came across some beautiful options but nothing that worked with the elegant, yet relaxed, look I wanted for my wedding. The flowers, plates and menus all hit the right note but I kept coming up short on the napkin and runner search. This was before I started Heather Taylor Home so I ended up going to a fabric store and having runners made the week before my big day. It was a totally imperfect solution but, at the time, it was the best option around! This past spring, one of my best friends was planning her wedding in Ojai and she kindly asked me to do the linens. I flashed back to my wedding planning linen debacle and a light bulb went off – let’s offer our linens for rent! 


Do you have a daily working routine? What is it like?
I wake up at 6AM Monday-Friday, make my coffee and bring my laptop into bed where I get a headstart on the work day before my daughter wakes up. I write lots of emails and make my plan for the day. It feels great to check things off my list before 7AM. The rest of the day is a combination of working in my office, having meetings all around LA and spending time with my family. 

Did you have any artists or creative people in your family? If so, how did they influence you?
My grandparents were both artists in their own way. My grandmother, who became blind later in her life, was the one who first introduced me to knitting, crochet and embroidery. We would sit at her little desk on work on projects together. My grandfather (her husband) was an artistic jack of all trades, a musical prodigy and gifted visual artist. Over the course of his lifetime he created many exquisite wood carvings. I was lucky enough to inherit one of his abstract pieces, which now lives in my bedroom and it makes me smile at least once a day. 
Do you feel like you’re part of a greater community of artists? If so, describe why?
Absolutely. I feel like for the most part, the community of artists in LA is about acceptance. Specifically among the community of smart women who own businesses – there’s a feeling that everyone wants to support the community. And I think because of this collective effort LA has become even more culturally influential than it was five years ago.

How are you inspired by the environment around you, how does home/city/nature you live in, 
affect your work?
Living in such a glorious climate does a lot for the spirit. There’s a little buzz that happens on a beautiful day, which so many days here are. LA (and California and general) has always been a magnet for dreamers and was built on its receptiveness to new ideas. This feeling of openness and innovation is the lifeblood of this city. Also people know how to relax here, which only enables productivity. Going to the beach on the weekend and truly getting mellow allows me to come up with new ideas at a faster pace than if I didn’t allow myself that time off. LA celebrates the weekend.


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