ARTIST INTERVIEW: Carson Meyer of C & The Moon

Company: C & The Moon

Artist: Carson Meyer


We’re excited to welcome back C & The Moon, a Malibu-based environmentally conscious skincare line founded by actress and birth doula Carson Meyer. Inspired by the symbiosis of the sea and the moon, Carson (who was named after environmentalist and marine biologist Rachel Carson) set out to make a product that was safe for her pregnant clients to use and gives consumers the opportunity to reduce waste.

C & The Moon launched in July with its debut product, The Malibu Made Body Scrub, made with brown sugar, organic botanicals and a food grade vanilla fragrance. It’s unique in its ability to both exfoliate the skin and provide long lasting moisture. C & The Moon is enjoyed by men and women and has gained notoriety from fans like January Jones and Mandy Moore. Kim Kardashian recently proclaimed it “the best scrub ever.”


Carson Meyer C and The Moon

Tell us about your current work and how that work has evolved since you first started your business?

In July of 2018 I launched C & The Moon with The Malibu Made Body Scrub, a brown sugar scrub that I have been making in my kitchen for years. My mother is an environmentalist, so I was raised with an awareness of the potentially harmful chemicals in personal care products. Making my own skincare product was a way for me to know exactly what ingredients I was using and quickly became a go-to gift for friends and family. It’s been really exciting for me to transition from mixing ingredients in the kitchen to managing a business as the company grows and evolves.


How does being a part of the EPCF community inspire you?

Last year was my first year being apart of EPCF. I think I spent more time shopping than I did at my own booth! There are so many incredible artists and creators to discover. I loved getting to connect with other business owners whose brands I’ve admired for so long.


The ethics of production are on our minds a lot recently – questions of sustainability, fair labor, location, and artistic integrity. How do these concepts come in to play in your craft and your business? What choices do you make that take into account these ideas?

Once I started C & The Moon, I had a hard time coming to terms with the fact that I was creating more for people to consume, when we live an a world of such over abundance. To me it was very important to make a product that would not create excess waste. I chose to package The Malibu Made Body Scrub in glass jars so that people could reuse them. As far at the product itself, everything is made locally here in LA. The botanical oils we use are organic and we work with people who share our vision. It’s important to me that what is absorbed into the skin and washed down the drain is doing no harm to our ecosystem.


What impact do you hope your creative work will have on your community?

This is something I think about a lot! I really hope that other brands will see how easy it is to create a product that is made without plastic. I hope consumers will see that you don’t have to make a sacrifice in quality when switching over to clean beauty. Most importantly, I hope that C & The Moon helps connect us to the idea that we are all one ecosystem and that our own personal health is inextricably inked to the health of our environment. The way we care for the planet has a direct impact on how we care for ourselves.



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