ARTIST INTERVIEW: Azalea Lee of Place 8 Healing

We spoke to crystal healer and designer Azalea Lee of Place 8 Healing, joining us at the holiday fair 2017, about her work and creative path. A spiritual seeker her whole life, she worked as a wardrobe stylist and costume designer prior to finding her calling as a crystal healer. Also the designer of the metaphysical fine jewelry line As Above So Below, she is happy to have found her purpose in helping others grow and become happier, more fulfilled individuals through the magical worlds of crystal healing.



Do you have any objects you like to keep around you as inspiration? What are they?

Yes. Crystals, plants, books, and my animal family.


How is your work inspired by or influenced by nature and your surroundings?

My work is directly based on Mother Nature’s own artwork of minerals. I am deeply inspired by the insanely beautiful things she creates.



What do you do, or where do you go to seek fresh ideas or renewed creative energy?

I’m strongly attuned to water, so any sort of water activity helps me revive and recharge. Being in natural hot springs, swimming, scuba diving, watching rain and thunder, and even taking a bath all help me with my creative energies.


Why is it important to you to show and share your work to a larger community?

Because my work is about helping others heal emotionally and spiritually. The only way I can do this is by showing and sharing my work with the crystals.

Instagram @place8healing


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