ARTIST INTERVIEW: Azalea Lee of Place 8 Healing

Company: Place 8 Healing

Artist: Azalea Lee


Azalea Lee is a crystal healer, and the founder of Place 8 Healing, from Los Angeles. A spiritual seeker her whole life, she worked as a wardrobe stylist and costume designer prior to finding her calling as a crystal healer. In addition to Place 8 Healing, she is also the designer of the metaphysical fine jewelry line As Above So Below. We are thrilled to welcome Place 8 Healing back to EPCF, as Azalea took a brief hiatus to complete her first book, and we’re so inspired to share her powerful gift with you.


The Echo Park Craft Fair is celebrating our 10 year anniversary this Holiday, 2019. Can you speak to how long you’ve been doing the Fair and how the EPCF community has contributed to the evolution of your work and business?

I’ve participated in the Echo Park Craft Fair since 2014, but have been away for the last couple years while I’ve been intensely writing a book to be published by Artisan in Spring 2020. You can now preorder it online here.


Please tell us about the current work you will featuring this Holiday and speak a bit to how you/your work as evolved over the last decade?

I will be returning to EPCF as I have done before, bringing a selection of hand-picked crystals and offering free mini-crystal intuitive readings. This will be the last Fair that I will focus on selling crystal specimens, as I will be shifting my effort and focus toward my crystal healing jewelry line.


The ethics of production are on our minds a lot recently – questions of sustainability, fair labor, location, and artistic integrity. How do these concepts come into play in your craft and your business? What choices do you make that take into account these ideas?

There have been some recent articles questioning the ethics and sustainability of crystals for the metaphysical market. Basically, crystals can be mined under circumstances that are detrimental to the environment and to the people who mine them. It’s something that deeply concerns me because my work is based upon healing– and how healing can a crystal be if it was cultivated under deleterious circumstances? It’s a complicated situation with no easy solutions or answers, but I have always endeavored to provide crystals that have been more carefully mined, as it is a reflection of the consciousness of the miners that harvest the crystals. It’s something I will continue to be conscious of– to search for and provide crystals that are uplifting to all– from the miner and land, to the final end user.


Can you speak a bit to your process? What inspires your work? What techniques do you use? What is the history behind those techniques, and does that inform how you utilize them in your process?

Ultimately, my process is driven by what the crystals ask me to do. I communicate the information they want to share with the world by serving as their translator and intermediary. So if there is a crystal that is strongly resonating with what’s happening with society’s current energies it will let me know and implore me to share its wisdom. Basically, I’m their assistant and they tell me what needs to be done and then I do it.


What is your underlying philosophy/core vision for your work?  And what impact do you hope your work will have on your community?

I hope my work, through the healing power of crystals, helps people to find their truest selves. This leads them to deeper happiness and fulfillment, thus cultivating more love to come into the world through greater self-love and love for the world.



Instagram: @place8healing

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