ARTIST INTERVIEW: Andria Crescioni of Crescioni

Company: Crescioni

Artist: Andria Crescioni


Andria Crescioni and her leather accessories first came to the Fair the year she began making them. We’re delighted to have her (and them) back every season.

Crescioni is a collection of handmade accessories designed by Andria Crescioni since 2014. The pieces are influenced by traditional craft techniques and blend Andria’s understated and earthy simplicity.  Crescioni accessories take cues from the past, yet are refined for the modern woman.

Each Crescioni piece has been handmade in-house or by skilled craftspeople in Los Angeles. The spring palm collection is made in collaboration with artisans in Oaxaca, Mexico.




How long have you been participating in the Echo Park Craft Fair?

It’s been 5 years now.


What techniques do you use to produce your designs? What is the history behind those techniques, and does that inform how you use them?

I hand make my signature leather jewelry and bag hardware in-house using a wet molding method and hand stitch all of my seams with a saddle stitch. This technique has been used in traditional saddle making and makes for a durable piece that can withstand wear and patinas beautifully over time.

My woven palm collection is made by an incredible artist named Norma in Oaxaca. She uses palm basket weave techniques and translates her skills that she usually incorporates into large baskets and homeware into my intricate jewelry pieces.





What does it mean to you to be part of the Echo Park Craft Fair?

Everything, the EPCF is so special to me. I really look forward to catching up with my community and meeting new designers at each Fair, the energy is so positive and up-lifting.

Having so many inspiring and loving designers and artist as my peers has made all the difference. Beatrice and Rachel have really created something unique.



How has EPCF been important to your creative and business growth?

I’ve had the opportunity to be an artist at the Echo Park Craft Fair since I first launched my business in 2014. It’s been an invaluable experience to show my collection bi-annually, receiving feedback and motivation from clients and fellow designers. I always leave the fair empowered to keep the momentum going with my brand.





Instagram: @crescioni_ca



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