ARTIST INTERVIEW: Amanda Chantal Bacon of Moon Juice

We spoke with world-traveling chef, mama, sustainable lifestyle leader, and passionate food educator Amanda Chantal Bacon, about what fuels the continual evolution of her thriving Moon Juice brand.

What were your initial intentions and philosophies when starting Moon Juice?
The idea was really just to work with ancient medicines, what we’ve been doing as humans for thousands of years and present that in a potent, modern and accessible way. When we started it was still a bit of an epic journey for people – to find the right Chinese medicine doctor or venture into a strange aisle in a strange shop. It was a space that the mainstream was not going to easily find their way into. So it was just really looking at all these incredible formulas that have helped millions of humans throughout time and I think are actually evolutionary, there to help us to evolve. All these plants are here to do that and there’s just been a break in the system in our culture. So that was really the focus of Moon Juice from the start.  How can we be great distributors and marketers of this incredible knowledge and ingredients that have been here for thousands of years? And at the same time be sourcing the most potent and completely safe ingredients available?
How has your personal experience played into the philosophy behind the brand?
Before I started Moon Juice, I was working in fine dining kitchens, eating foods that were not necessarily great for my body, and did not the best tools to deal with stress management. I also had thyroid issues and an irregular cycle and I was looking for ways to feel better. I began researching, reading, trying to find way to feel better but also feel more like myself.  I started to explore adaptogens and ultimately, they helped to change my life and my health.  I opened Moon Juice and we utilized adaptogens in our very first formulas, blending them into our Moon Milks.

For those who might not quite understand what adaptogens are, can give us more details on your experiences with these plants?
They call upon adaptive energy – as a lot of these plants are from the Himalayas and extreme, harsh condition, regions and they need strong roots and have developed an adaptive intelligence in order to survive. When we take adaptative plants into our own systems, they work on us as individuals, specifically adapting to our individual needs. They help us deal with stress, with immunity issues. Overall, I am advocate of taking a holistic view, which means approaching wellness through a number of practices. For me that is mindfulness, meditation, for some people that might also mean prayer. It is also looking closely at the foods I was eating and seeing what was compatible with my system and finding the best whole food regimen that was best for me. And then it was adding adaptagenic plants into that holistic regimen  – and that has really totally transformed me. I was able to have a regular cycle. I was able to have a baby. This regimen truly changed my life.

And is this one of the reasons why your new book is focused on adaptogens?
Yes, the new book explores these adaptogenic formulas, because they radically changed my life and my health. So this next book weaves in the history of cultures that been using these medicines for centuries, along with solid, scientific research and explanation. We worked on this book alongside incredible doctors and researchers and herbalists – amazing healers that I have built personal and professional relationships with and were contributors to the project. There is also a culinary layer to the book of course, recipes that include savory foods and cooked foods using these herbs.  Overall the book focuses on weaving together the mysticism and the cosmic relationship we have with these plants, with the Western science of what they can do for you. These plants are really one of the most miraculous things we have on the planet. They are truly incredible – not only what they do for the body, but also they do for the soul and the heart, as well.


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