ARTIST INTERVIEW: Alexis Smart Flower Remedies

Alexis Smart is a classical homeopath and Bach Flower Remedy practitioner living in Echo Park. After years of treating clients one on one, she wanted to share the benefits of her custom blended formulas with the public and launched Alexis Smart Flower Remedies.

Raised in Los Angeles by an herbalist mother, she had always been interested in natural healing. When she contracted a serious malarial illness in Egypt, she spent years going the route of conventional medicine, with no answers or improvements. After five years of chronic fevers, she turned to homeopathy as a last resort, and was cured in a matter of days. This healing was so miraculous, she knew she had found her life’s work.  Alexis’ formulas contain organic, biodynamic, wild harvested essences from the English countryside and are hand made in small batches by happy people who believe strongly in the work they are doing.

Alexis’s remedies have been a staple at the Echo Park Craft Fair for many years. We were delighted at the opportunity to sit down with Alexis and hear more about her practice.



Describe the path that led you to the work you do now.

Like most people I know who have a calling to work in the healing arts, I found my work by being sick myself and by learning to heal myself. All of the modalities I had tried, both conventional and alternative, had failed to help me. I then discovered flower remedies and within three weeks of taking a custom formula, I felt happier than I had in years and started to regain my physical strength.

I became obsessed with flower essences and quit modeling to study flower remedies and homeopathy. I  became a practitioner and, after years of doing one-on-one sessions for custom formulas, I wanted to share the benefits of the custom formula experience with the general public and I began my line, Alexis Smart Flower Remedies.



What would you say is the driving force behind your creative work?

Helping people and curiosity about people. If ever I feel down or confused about work, I remind myself that I am acting in service and that’s what this is all about. I’m interested in people and what led them to where they are now. In my work, I go deeply into peoples’ stories and learn so much. Everyone is interesting.  


Do you have a favorite creation, artwork, or design of your own?

I used an illustration I made when I was fourteen for the label on my new  Sun/Moon Room Spray. It has flower essences for cleansing and protection and essential oils of sage, lavender and frankincense for uplifting and clearing. (I’ll have that at the Craft Fair this year).



How do you define success in your art or craft, or alternately, what does failure mean to you?

I feel successful when I have not compromised my vision or my inner knowing. I can tell I’m doing the right thing when there is an ease and harmony in my life, when my ideas quickly become manifest, when people say “yes.” That voice of intuition has never led me astray. When I have ignored it, I have had failures…they come in the form of feeling like nothing is flowing, making bad choices and errors in judgment about who to work with, encountering obstacles everywhere, losing things. Failure for me simply means not being true to myself.


Do you have any objects you like to keep around you as inspiration? What are they?

I love to have fresh flowers around. I work with flower essences but they are in the tincture form. Having living flowers around connects me to the plants I am working with.



What do you do, or where do you go to seek fresh ideas or renewed creative energy?

Traveling really helps me with creative energy.  I went to Ireland recently with my mom to learn about the folk remedies she grew up with…

I go to an island in Greece every summer to study homeopathy with the master, George Vithoulkas. The time in class is so mentally stimulating, but I also have hours off for swimming, cooking and writing.



Did you have any artists or creative people in your family? If so, how did they influence you?

Both of my parents are artists. My father is a visual artist. He does sculpting, illustration, woodwork. He can make anything. My mom is a singer and musician, astrologer and herbalist. I inherited their philosophy – that you can create art in the way you live, not just by making physical things.  The way my mom cooked and decorated a room, the atmosphere she created and the artists and musicians we had over in our home…there was a richness to it.



Instagram: @alexissmartflowerremedies


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