Company: Alex Crane

Artist: Alex Crane


Alex Crane makes breezy linen clothes. Linen is more than a fabric – it’s a state of mind.

We wear linen when we take back our free time, when we spend time in the sun, when we focus on the things we care about. It’s when we remember that life is worth enjoying, even when it’s sad or painful or uninspiring. We develop our fabric with a third-generation Irish mill and dye/wash in California. The result is supremely soft, full-bodied, and long-lasting textile unlike any other linen we’ve felt.



Describe the path that led to the work you do now.

I’m a Californian living in Brooklyn. I spent my first 18 years swimming in the Pacific, hiking Mt. Tam, and driving down the Great Highway. I spent the last decade in a post-industrial landscape cruising around in underground tunnels. I love the energy in Brooklyn, but I miss the breeze of the Pacific. It’s grounding. So, when I design, I conjure up the ocean and put it in the product. For better or worse, clothes have a big impact on how we feel – so I make clothes to bring the spirit of them Pacific wherever I go.



What would you say is the driving force behind your creative work?

Everyone has their own way of making sense of the world. For whatever reason, I see the world in colors and shapes. So, when the shades and proportions are just right, it feels like scoring a goal or nailing a guitar solo or writing a pithy sentence (I’m only mildly kidding).



What are your most important artistic tools?

The ocean is my greatest tool and inspiration. It’s calms me down. It’s full of paradoxes: it’s constant and always changing, its rhythmic and chaotic, it’s powerful and gentle. In Spanish, the ocean is both la mar and el mar, masculine and feminine. Maybe that’s all too poetic but it gets me going.



How do you define success or, alternatively, what does failure mean?

Rudyard Kipling says “meet Success and Failure and treat those two imposters the same.” Money is validating (and extremely useful), but my truest self is happy just to do this work. This is what I want to do, no matter the outcome.




Instagram: @alexcrane

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